Where's Bob ?!?!?

Bob at the Concert

I stopped off at the building site today and "no Bob"??? I looked everywhere, but couldn't find him.

But then I heard a rumor that there was something BIG brewing in Mount Vernon tonight. For those who aren't familiar with Mount Vernon, it's Baltimore's equivalent of "Haight-Ashbury" in San Fransisco. Debi lived there "back in the day", and EVERY time we go there she runs into someone (usually more than one person) she knew from the 70's ... tonight was no exception.

Back to the story ... rumor had it that The Hank Levy Legacy Band was playing at An Die Musik LIVE !!!! Debi and I weren't going to miss this spectacular show, so we "headed downtown".

First, we stopped for dinner at Sascha's, a great little restaurant just up the street from the show. True to form, Debi ran into a guy she knew from the 70's. He was a lot older (and retired) now, but he was still pretty good at "taking his medicine". I think they were double scotches, but I could be wrong. But they were "double somethings" ;-)

Then we headed down to An Die Musik to catch the concert. Much to our suprise, there was Bob, sitting in the front row of the band, holding his saxaphone (he's second from the right in the photo). At least I found him ;-)

Bob's Solo

But there's more to the story. As luck would have it (and as an added bonus), they were having the first annual "Basketball and Hip Hop Appreciation Month" party in a different room at An Die. Debi and I just couldn't miss that, so we "joined the party" ;-)

After meeting Derrick, the guy who was hosting the party (which included a Press Conference), we were treated to wine and champagne ... compliments of Derrick. Then, of course, Debi ran into yet another person she knew from the 70's. He was an older black gentleman with a flowing white beard. Nice guy too. By the way, the crab dip was EXCELLENT !!!

Back to the concert. Here's a picture of Bob doing his solo ... in the last song ... of the last set. Outstanding.

Did I mention that Debi also knew someone else in the band !!! Was she the ONLY person that "escaped" Mount Vernon after the 70's ;-)

All in all ... it was a pretty good night !!!!!!

P.S. (to Bob) ... thanks for the tickets (OK, so I embellished the story a bit) ... but all of it really happened ... except for the part that I didn't know where you were ... LOL !!!!

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