Landscaping & Mulch


It's Tuesday, April 20th, and Mike is offloading the tress and shrubs.



Debi is feverishly marking positions with green paint ;-)


The Right Tool

For those of us that have spent HOURS cutting in mulch beds, this tool makes it much easier and 90% faster.

The Result

With the proper machine, this cut-in took about five minutes.

The Street Garden

The garden out by the street is completed. We're still going to add quite a few flowers and plants, but it's mulched.

The Street Garden

The Dogwoods Out Back

One of Mike's guys starting the process of installing the Dogwoods out back.

The Dogwoods

Everyone gets involved.

The Dogwoods

Done. Nice work !!!

The River Birch

The River Birch going in near the front entrance.

The River Birch

Done ;-)

The East Garden

The front garden on the east side.

The Garage Garden

The front garden at the garage.

Mike and his Tree

Mike and his tree ;-)

The North Tree Line

The northern tree line completed.

The large oak tree in the back of this shot is thought to be over 200 years old !!!

The Japanese Maple

Our new Japanese Maple from "why pay less" Valley View Farms ;-)

Thursday is the date of our final LEED Inspection. I think we're ready.

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