South View

A Spectacular View of Northwestern Baltimore County's Horse Country - Tim and Debi's New Home

The Southern View

It took us a while, but we finally found the perfect place to build our new home. It's in a very small town called Trenton. While Trenton is officially a "dot on the map", the Post Office says we live in Upperco. These pictures were taken in the Fall of 2007. We purchased the land a few months later, then spent thirteen months trying to sell our old home. Patience is a virtue :-)

This is the view to the south. The back of the house will have this view. It's not hard to figure out why we're going to have a very large deck !!!

North View

The Northern View

This is the view to the north which will be the front of the house. We are directly behind a house that is over 100 years old (barely visibe through the pine tree in the lefthand portion of the photo). That property also contains a studio outbuilding (center right of photo), and a historic "classic red barn" (righthand side of photo).

Unfortunately, we will have to remove three pine trees on the northeastern side of the lot to accomodate the house. But that is less than 5% of the total number of trees on the property.

East View

The Eastern View

This is the view to the east which will also be visible from the deck. Most of this land is in the Maryland Conservancy and cannot be developed in the future.

West View

The Western View

This is the view to the west, also visible from the deck. Believe it or not, there's actually a fence under the "wild overgrowth" caused by years of neglect. We'll have to remove the overgrowth and replace the fence.

Driveway View

The Driveway

This is the driveway. It's at least 150 feet from the street. Covering it could be costly, especially if we try to minimize the "Heat Island" effects of paving.

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