Architectural Drawings and Plans

We spent months looking at house plans on the Internet. We had decided to build a one story home with four bedrooms and limit the size to 2500 square feet or less. We also wanted a Great Room and Kitchen/Dining Area combination. But there were literally hundreds of house plans that fit those criteria.

We eventually found a plan that we both really liked, at least in terms of the interior floorplan and layout. But the exterior of that plan was an "Italian Villa" look, something we didn't like at all. With the help of our builder, we completely redesigned the exterior to match our desire for a "Country look and feel". We also eliminated the Grilling Porch, reversed the plan's orientation, removed the front Courtyard, and widened the two car garage to 26 feet (from 21 feet).

Click here to see the original plan we worked from.

Front View

The Front View (Left)

Front View (Right)

The Front View (Right)

Back View (Left)

The Back View (Left)

Back View (Right)

The Back View (Right)

The Floorplan

The Floorplan

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