Thank You ... Thank You ... Thank You

There are so many people to thank now that the house is finally complete. From Karin Batterton who sold our house in Towson, to the guys that put down the grass seed as the last building task, it has been "quite a ride". Below we have listed those who went "above and beyond the call" in helping us build our dream home. Thanks again.

Bob Krieger

Bob Krieger - RHK Builders, Inc.

The best builder we could have ever dreamed of finding. A true professional with a great sense of humor, and always ready with two or three solutions to every problem that arose.

We now consider him to be a good friend as well, something that I don't think happens with any other builder. I remember the person that recommended Bob to us telling me, "Talk to everyone else first, then talk to Bob. He's the best, and it will be obvious". He was right. Thanks again Bob ... an outstanding job ... we couldn't be happier with the house.

Most of the people listed below have been working with Bob for years. Another testament to the quality of his work.

John Love

Love's Heating and Air Conditioning (John Love)

In addition to quality workmanship, John spent countless hours in our house preparing for a difficult LEED certification. This was his first house working with Bob.

Thanks John, for a job well done.

Chris Kirchner

Kirchner Plumbing (Chris Kirchner and Jeff)

Great guys who do quality work.

Value Electric

Value Electric (Mike Dunaway and his crews)

I never knew how many wires are behind the walls until we built the house. They spent weeks roughing in and finishing the electrical systems.

Highlight Construction

Highlight Construction - Wood Finishes (Vince and his crew)

A true artist working with wood. Thanks Vince, for a beautiful finishing job.

Jeff & Mike

Framing and the Deck (Jeff, Mike, and their crew)

Working on their first house with Bob, they did a great job, never complaining, even when I changed the design of the deck the day they were building it.

Solar Gaines

Solar Gaines

Our electric bill this month is $61.23 ... 'nuff said ;-)

G. Krug & Son

Metal Fabrication (J. Krug and Son)

We redesigned the deck at the last minute to include a radius in the center. They produced a beautiful iron railing for it.

Dan Donovan

Well Drillers (Dan Donovan and his crew)

Three 230+ foot wells for the geothermal HVAC system. No problem ;-)

Mike Natale

Landscaping (Mike Natale)

They all have to be non-invasive and drought tolerant. No problem ;-)

Solar Gaines

Final Grading, Seeding, and Mulch (The Marvel Brothers - Buzz and Dave)

Quality work at prices that can't be beat.

Driveway Blacktop

The Driveway Guys

I don't know their names, but Bob does. Their base coat that got us through the Winter was great. Their final blacktop is amazing.

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