Permits and Surveys

Building Permit Issued

Building Permit Issued

With the delivery of a truckload of stone (it's required ... I don't know why) and the silt fence in place, we finally obtained our building permit from Baltimore County.

Surveyers Stakes

Site Survey Complete - House Corners "Staked"

The final step before breaking ground was to get the surveyers onsite and properly stake the corners of the house. That's an important event, so Debi and I were both there. Good thing too, because the house was about fifteen feet too far to the north on the plot plans. We had them move the building envelope as far south as possible.

Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up Years of Neglect

While we waited to begin building, Debi, Cory, and I kept VERY busy cleaning up some of the brush caused by years of neglect. We started on the driveway, which is about 150 feet long. As you can see, we're going to need a really big truck to haul the debris away !!!

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