That's a Big Hole

A Big Hole

The Digging is Now Complete

It's 7:30 AM on Tuesday, May 19th. The digging is now complete. They hit a lot of rock, but (thankfully) we didn't need to bring in the "dynamite guy". This view shows the garage area (in the front of the photo) looking thru to the southwest.

Looking East

From the opposite direction, looking east, the garage area is to the back right of this shot.

The Frost Footers

Frost Footers

Bob and Omar are going over the plans for the frost footers. Omar says they'll have everything ready for pouring the cement footers by noon. I said, "You've GOT to be kidding me". He told me to come back at noon :-)

Footers Going In

The Crew Wastes No Time

Omar and his crew are busy installing the framing for the frost footers. It's still a few minutes before 8:00 AM !!! The going is a bit slow because of the rocks. Omar just called for a backhoe. He still says they'll be ready at noon.

Footers Complete

Footers Complete

It's 5:00 PM and Debi and I have come back to the site. Omar and his crew have "come thru", and the footers are complete. One minor problem, the concrete truck was "two yards short", which they will pour for the steel basement supports tomorrow.

Debi and I are off to Boston late tomorrow morning. But we have to meet with Bob at 7:00 AM to position the "rough in" for the (eventual) basement bathroom, and the placement of the basement door and window.

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