The Concrete Support Walls

Forming the Walls

The Walls are Formed

Bob, Omar, and two full crews are busy forming out the concrete walls.

Pouring the Concrete

The concrete is pumped in.

The concrete being used contains 30% "fly ash". The fly ash replaces the portland cement that is usually mixed in concrete. Fly ash is a byproduct of coal based energy plants and other manufacturing processes. By using it, we get several LEED points. We also help the environment by recycling material that would otherwise go unused. The fly ash mixture is also supposed to be stronger than regular concrete, and easier to work with and mold.

Rear View

A view from the rear of the house.

Front View

A view from the front of the house.

Another Rear View

Another view from the rear.

In our first architectural change, we had to eliminate the basement door and window on the back left side, and move the door and window on the back right side even further to the right. These changes were required because we moved the home back fourteen feet, and the slope from left to right is steeper on that line.

We also added two small windows on the western side of the basement for more natural light.

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