Steel Support Beams & Preparing for the Concrete Floor

Bob's Sign

Well, it FINALLY stopped raining. We've lost about a week of construction time, but we'll hopefully make up that time over the coming months.

Bob's new sign has finally arrived. I'm sure it will attract many, many subcontractors looking for work ;-)

Driveway Cleanup

Art also removed all of the mess we made along the driveway as we removed a decade of overgrowth. It looks MUCH nicer now (refer back to May 10th for the "before image")

Steel Support Beams

The vertical steel support posts were, in fact, too short. The new ones have arrived and have been installed. The two steel support beams are 66 feet in length. I'm sure we won't have to worry about the floors "creeking" with that kind of support.

12 Inch Trench

The guys are busy digging a foot deep trench around the edges of the entire basement. The work is going slow, again because of the rock. They have to be finished by 1:00 PM, because the "stone guys" are coming then to pour four inches of stone over the entire basement floor area.

Garage Fill-in

The garage area is also being leveled out. It will also have a four inch coating of stone. The concrete is scheduled to be poured on Thursday or Friday, based on weather conditions.

Drain System

The guys are again busy installing the drain system around the inner walls of the basement.

Simp Pump

The drain system is hooked into the sump pump area.

Stone Going In

The stone is placed into the basement via a conveyor belt attached to the truck.

More Stone

The conveyor can be placed on virtually any angle or height to deposit stone to all the areas of the basement. The conveyor is controlled by a remote device attached to the operator's belt (the orange thing pictured in this shot).

In the "old days", the stone was delivered to the site in a large pile. It was then wheelbarrelled into the basement one load at a time. That process took up to three days. This process took three HOURS !!!

Leveling It Out

The guys are carefully leveling out the stone using a laser level as their guide. They will get the stone level to within 1/4 inch of grade. They'll be back tomorrow to install the rebar (garage) and steel mesh (basement).

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