Ready to Pour

Garage Area Ready

The garage area is ready to pour. The rebar has been set and the moisture barrier is in place.

By the way, for those who are interested, it took 60 TONS of stone to properly cover the basement floor and garage (three truckloads of 20 tons each). The cement guy says I could park a Sherman Tank in the garage and the floor still wouldn't crack :-)

Basement Area Ready

The moisture barrier and steel mesh are in place for the basement floor pour.

Unfortunately, it's started raining again. It's supposed to rain all night. There is a chance of showers and thunderstorms on Friday. Bob has put off the pour until Monday ... another two days lost to the weather :-(

My Hard Hat

I noticed that everyone (except Bob) was wearing hardhats on the jobsite. So, I decided to "get me one". It had to be a white hat, the same kind the BGE supervisors wear. They're the guys that are always standing around the worksite doing nothing :-)

Mine says, "HOMEOWNER" and "Stuporvisor"

Back of Hard Hat

It's important to have a "properly labeled hat" ... LOL !!!!!

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