Framing (Week One)


It's Monday, June 29th. We met with Bob this morning to finanize the window and door orders. Everything is ready with the exception of the front door.

Today the guys were able to complete the framing of the first floor sub-floor.

The "hole" in the floor is where the steps will lead into the basement.

Great Day

It was a beautiful day.

What a View !!!

Now that we can walk on the flooring, I was able to take this picture from the western corner of where we are going to place the deck. Sweet !!!


WALLS !!!!


Finally, the walls are going up. It's really starting to look like a house now.

Unfortunately, as you can see from the skyline, the "heavens opened up" about five minutes after I took these shots. It's 1:30 PM on Tuesday, and "work has been called for the day" due to the weather.

Western Walls

It's 8:30 AM on Wednesday, July 1st. The rain yesterday afternoon was heavy, but didn't last long. The guys have already gotten the western walls finished this morning.


The roof trusses arrived late yesterday afternoon.

Luckily, Joyce (Debi's mother) and Bernie got back from Ireland on Monday. They ran out of water, so they had to move their truck and fifth wheel to a trailer park yesterday ... about an hour before the trusses arrived. That could have been a disaster, since either Bernie and Joyce would have been "trapped" in our front yard for a week, or the trusses couldn't have been placed where we needed them (for the crane to properly lift them).

Truss Assembly

The first thing that struck me about the trusses was "How are they going to possibly know how to put each piece in the proper "puzzle position"?

As it turns out, every piece has a sticker attached that shows it's exact location in the "puzzle".

The trusses will be put in place using a crane early next week. I'll be out of town, so Bob will be supplying the pictures.

South Wall

The guys are busy assembling the south wall. It's 66 feet long, so I'm sure it's going to be a "heavy lift". Bob thinks they'll have the entire outer wall assembly finished today, assuming the rains don't return (a 30% chance).

Master Bedroom View

It's Wednesday evening. They didn't quite get the entire outer walls complete, but they got close.

Here's Debi checking out the beautiful view from the Master Bedroom.

Front View

Here's a view from the front of the house. Hi Debi !!!

Garage Framed

The garage is framed out.

Front View Framed

All exterior walls are complete except for the front doorway.

Rear View Framed

A view from the back yard.

Double Rainbow

The guys have taken Friday off for the holiday, so it was time to "kick back and relax". As luck would have it, we were treated to a rare double rainbow at our temporary home in Parkton.

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