Framing (Week Two)

Interior Garage Walls

These pictures were provided by Debi on Monday, July 6th. Here, the interior garage walls are complete.

Front Doorway Framing

The front doorway framing is complete.

Truss Support

The guys are attaching some of the trusses to wood supports on the ground. I believe these are the "two ends" of the roof. The truss lift/build is scheduled for tomorrow.

Truss Lift

Trusses !!!

It's Wednesday, July 8th, and the trusses are being lifted into position.

What a beautiful day !!!


Trusses going in place.

Here's video of a lift !!!

(Press the "Play" button to start the video)

Front Trusses

Roof view from the front.

Back Trusses

View from the back.

The ENTIRE roof truss system was installed in ONE DAY. Again, just amazing !!!

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