Framing (Week Three)

Framing The Front

Here's a nice shot thru the pine tree coming up the driveway of the guys continuing to frame the front of the roof.

If you look closely at the leftmost top of the roof (the finished part), you'll notice that the truss system comes to a "point" at the top of the roof. However, from that point all the way across to the right, the trusses have a "flat spot" at the top. So, I asked Bob, "What's up with that"?.

I was thinking I was about to learn something really complex about structural engineering, so I prepared to listen intently to what Bob was about to say ...

Triangular Truss Tops

He said, "There's a bunch of small triangular pieces around here somewhere". Sure enough they were sitting in the garage.

Then he said, "See, if they would have made the trusses that tall, the load would have been too wide to haul to the site on the truck. So they made them as tall/wide as legally possible for transport, then made the small ones so they wouldn't get a ticket".

So much for me learning anything about structural engineering ;-)

Hedge Row

The framing continues, but it's not worth another picture yet. Bob and I have been busy meeting with the insulation contractor, who will also be installing the garage doors, and the HVAC contractor. Tomorrow we also have to meet with our LEED coordinators.

While the guys are finishing the framing, I've been working on the hedgerow. We were going to remove it, but our neighbor asked us if we would consider leaving it intact. We're trying to be good neighbors, so I started working to see if I could make it "a bit more presentable". So far, so good ... I'm about half finished.

Roof Framed

It's Wednesday, July 15th (my birthday). The guys have finished framing the roof. There's still a little more to do on the front exterior, then it's on to complete the interior wall framing. The wood for that showed up yesterday (pictured at the very far right of this shot).

Bob and I had a 2 1/2 hour meeting with our LEED Certifiers (Andrea, Asa, and Janice) today. It was a very productive meeting. We need to do a bit more research, but Platinum Certification is not out of the question !!!!

Interior Trusses

The framing is nearing completion. Here's a shot of the complexity of the trusses from the interior.

Interior Walls

It's Friday, July 17th, and as you can see from these pictures, we finally got some rain after a two week "mini-drought". This is a view of the framing for my office and the guest bedroom on the northeastern side of the house.

More Interior Walls

Here's a shot of the master bedroom and bath looking "thru" the Great Room.

More Interior Walls

This is a view of part of the kitchen (foreground), the hallway leading to the garage (right), and Cory's bedroom/bath (left).

Only two problems came up this week. First, my John Deere lawn tractor broke. Hopefully, the kid down the street from us can fix it. Second, I got some poision ivy on my legs from trimming the hedgerow (see above). I wore shorts ... saying I'd be careful ... Debi said I should wear long pants ... she was right :-(

Next week the roof shingles go on (probably Thursday) and the windows/doors may go in !!!

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