Plumbing & HVAC Rough-ins

Entrance Arch Framed

The entrance arch framing was completed yesterday.

Plumbing and HVAC Rough-in

It's Wednesday, July 29th, and both the plumbers and HVAC guys are here to start their rough-ins.

They have to agree on where everything goes, since they can "cross each other up". I got here at 7:30 AM thinking it would take an hour. I left at 10:30.

Details ... details

While this photo doesn't look like much, it should be titled "Attention to Detail".

Since meeting with our LEED Coordinators, there has been an issue of how we are going to properly insulate the attic area over the 12 foot vaulted ceiling in the Great Room. Bob devised this 1 1/2 inch "venting system" that will allow us to get proper air ventilation to the roof wood, while at the same time allowing us to get R38 insulation in the attic without blocking the soffit vents. Great work !!!

Green Car

When building a green house, you must have a "green car". Our HVAC guy (John Love) pulled up in this Toyota Prius Hybrid to deliver hardware to the jobsite ;-)

Main HVAC Line

The main HVAC leads have been installed upstairs.

HVAC in Basement

They're also getting close to finishing the HVAC rough-in in the basement. Notice the additional insulation. We get additional LEED points for that.

Experior Detail Framing

While all of the interior rough-ins are being done, the framers are working outside. They're installing the custom white framing around all of the windows and doors. Once that's done, they'll move on to trim the edges of the roof/siding.

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