Fireplace Framing & Electrical Rough-in

Fireplace Framing

Well, one of the things I've learned is that pictures of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical rough-ins aren't very exciting ;-)

It's been a few days since it was worth taking a picture. I am happy to report that the white accent framing around all of the exterior windows and doors has been completed.

With that done, the framers have moved back inside and framed out the wood supports for the stone fireplace.

The solar panels may be going on the back roof next week, and the stone may be going in outside and on the fireplace.

Debi and I will also be having our first meeting with the landscaper.

Electrical Rough-in

Wow ... when they say Electrical rough-in, they really mean ROUGH-IN ... it looks like somebody dumped a bowl of spaghetti from the ceiling ;-)


That's one way of getting the ductwork around the floor joist ;-)

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