Front Porch and Deck Framing

Front Porch Rebar

Again, one of the things I've learned is that pictures of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical rough-ins aren't very exciting ;-)

The "trades rough-ins" took almost four weeks to complete.

This week we're "returning to action". The cement for the front porch is being poured, and the framing for the deck is being installed.

Here's a picture of the rebar support prior to the porch being poured.

Front Porch Concrete

The front porch poured concrete.

Deck Footer

Wow ... that's a large and deep deck footer. If there's an earthquake, I think the deck will remain standing !!!!!!!

Deck Footer Cncrete

The concrete being poured for the deck footers.

The deck will be made of composite material, per the LEED requirement. We were planning on installing a "standard" rectangular deck. But yesterday, I found a really cool design. The framers are coming today to begin their work. Thankfully, Bob made the "adjustments" to accomodate my (very) late design change.

Click here to see the new deck design.

Finally, they are supposed to begin installing the stone for the exterior of the house this week. That process may take up to three weeks. Next week ... SOLAR PANELS !!!!!

Deck Framing

The deck framing is complete.

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