LEED Pre-Drywall Inspection & Stone

Heavy Rain

Today is our first inspection by our LEED raters (Andrea, Janice, and Jim). Unfortunately, it rained heavily all night long. We got several inches of rain and the site is pretty saturated.

Bob in Action

Here's Bob "in action" installing a final piece of drywall between the garage and garage entranceway.

Two Toyotas

You know you're building a green house when there are TWO Prius's in the driveway ;-)


Here's Bob in the back yard with the "LEED Team". I have no idea what they are talking about ... I just take pictures ;-)

First Stone

Here's a picture of the first stone being attached to the house

Stone Cutting

Each corner stone has to be cut to exact dimensions.

First Stone

It's hard work, but the stone "border" (that meets the siding) is going in nicely. Unfortuantely, the rains are again fast approaching. Heavy rain is expected again this afternoon.

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