LEED Inspection Follow-up & Stuff

More Stone

It took until late Thursday evening (just before dark) to finish placing the stone border around the entire house.

Solar Panel Adjustment

The bottom row of solar panels were about 3/4 of an inch off center. They were fixed on Tuesday.

Paint It Black

The wiring and tracking for the solar panels were also "dressed up" on Tuesday.

Bathroom Insulation

At Bob's suggestion, insulation was placed between the bathroom walls and all other interior rooms (for soundproofing).

LEED Bath Requirement

Neither Bob nor I were happy about it, but LEED (actually EPA) requires a "barrier" to the floor for all tubs. Here, the Guest bathroom tub has been pulled back out and "retrofitted" with rubber backing to the floor.

Pipe Insulation

LEED Certification requires all hot water piping to be insulated to R4 or better.

More Pipe Insulation

More hot water pipe insulation.

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