Drywall EVERYWHERE !!! They started on Wednesday. It's Saturday and they're still going strong. The drywall is made of 100% post-industrial recycled material AND is locally produced. Major LEED points ;-)


We didn't realize how tall the Great Room was going to be or how big the fireplace was until we took this picture !!!!

Drywall Machine

I took this photo to show how drywall seams should be applied. Unlike most installers, Bob's guy uses a machine to install the drywall joints. The machine makes a PERFECT seam !!!!

Kitchen from the Great Room

Here's a shot of the Kitchen area looking from the back of the Great Room.

Front Door to Great Room

This shot is from the Front Door area looking into the Great Room.

Dining Room

This used to be the Lounge. But after the drywall went in, Debi had an "epiphany". It's now the Dining Room (again), and it's 10 1/2 feet tall. The Lounge has been "moved" to the back of the house off of the Great Room and Kitchen.

Guest Bath

A shot of the Guest Bath. The green drywall is required in all bathrooms as a moisture barrier. The dark grey drywall goes behind all of the bath/shower areas and is actually made of cement.


Here's another shot of the Kitchen looking back to the Front Door.

Guest Bedroom

A shot of the Guest Bedroom. Looking from inside the Bedroom, the bedroom closet and Linen Closet are on the left, with the door to the right.

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