Exterior Siding

Wrong Siding

You would think that the last place we'd have problems was with the installation of the exterior siding. You, of course, would be wrong. The siding was delivered on Friday. Luckily I said something to Debi Saturday and she suggested that we "check it out". It was the right color (buckskin), but the wrong style siding (Dutchlap ... also known as German Siding). That caused a two day delay in the installation process.

Correct Siding

Here's a photo of the right siding, with the right name on the box.

Siding Going Up

So, it's now Thursday and the siding is going up.

Another Problem

Then, we discovered another problem. Originally, we were going to install Hardie Plank (cement siding) on the exterior of the house. Unfortunately, that turned out to be cost prohibitive. With Hardy Plank, you leave about a 3/8 inch "overhang" on the top exterior wood section of the window (3/8 of an inch wider than the vertical wood on the window). It creates a really nice look because you can cut a notch in the plank around the bump out.

The framers did a really nice job on the exterior of the windows, but we failed to remember the switch to vinyl, so they installed the 3/8 inch overhang at the top of each window frame. With vinyl you need a straight seam for the "J channels". Here's a photo of Bob cutting off all of the overhangs :-(

Rear Siding

In the end, everything worked out fine. Here's a photo of the back exterior siding completed !!!!

Drywall Finishing

In addition to using a machine to apply perfect drywall seams, the guys also use a "buffer/sander" with a vacuum attached for their finishing work. Although they still wear protective masks, there is almost NO dust.

Garage Side of House

Garage side of house complete.

East Side of House

East side of house complete.

Yet Another Problem

But now we have yet another problem with the siding. These two walls in the front of the house were supposed to be sided with a new color (Cedar Blend) and a "cedar look". We found out Wednesday that the new color would not be available in that shingle type until January 1st. Now, we have to select another color.

Hedge Row

Good news ... I "fought the hedge row to a draw" :-)

Hedge Row

I can now get the John Deere between all of the trees and the hedge row.

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