A Very Busy Day

Parking Lot

You can tell it was a very busy day simply by the number of cars we had to acccomodate. I couldn't get all of them in one shot. Carpenters, the HVAC guy, the BGE contractor, SEVEN guys from the well drilling company, plus me and Bob.

Meter Box

Here's a shot of the BGE contractor installing the meter box. A BGE employee has to come out and actually install the meter.


Since it's almost 300 feet to the street, they also had to install a transformer "so the lights wouldn't flicker".

Drilling Rig

The well drillers for the geothermal system started today. They are going to drill three 210 foot wells. This machine has been used just once before our job. A representative of the company that sold them the new equipment is also onsite in case there are any issues. He's also assisting with training the guys on the use of the new rig.


Drilling begins on the first well. It's going to take three days to complete all three wells.

More Drilling

More drilling.

More Drilling

And more drilling.


It's hard to describe the amount of dust/dirt that comes out of the well. They actually build a pit to catch it. The backhoe holds the hose to the pit in place. As we stood there watching one of the guys said, "If you didn't do that, the hose would flail around wildly and kill somebody". Nice thing to know ;-)

Dust Pit

Here's a shot of the dust pit early on in the process. I'm told when they hit water, "it gets really wild".

The Deck

The carpenters are back placing the finishing touches on the deck.

Front Door

They also installed the front door.

Front Door

Another view of the front door.

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