October 8th & 9th

Cedar Shake

Now that the front door has been installed, we could get the siding guys back to complete the front of the house. Here's a shot of the process about 1/3 complete.

Front Complete

The completed front face. To be honest, Bob and I were a bit skeptical of Debi's choice of both texture and color of the product. As it was going up, we both said, "That looks REALLY nice". I called Debi and let her know ... GREAT CHOICE.

Second Well

The second well being started.

Finishing the second Well

The second well is complete. Unfortunately, they have to pull TWENTY ten foot lengths of pipe from the well, one at a time.

Dirty Job

Maybe we should call Mike Rowe, 'cause it's a "Dirty Job".

Pipe & Grout

Once all three wells are bored, they're still not finished. Here's a shot of the pipe and grout that must be placed in all three wells for the geothermal HVAC system.

Just for Fun

Just for fun, I took this photo from the deck looking to the southeast. It was just to remind us of why we bought the property.

Finally, I inadvertently "sat on my camera" yesterday. It was in my back pocket when I took a break and sat down on the deck. All of these photos were taken with my NEW camera ... seriously ... LOL !!!!

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