Finishing the Wells

Well Hole

In case you want to know what an unfinished well hole looks like ... here it is.

Well Pipe

The first step in the process is to fish 215 feet of looped pipe into the hole.

Pipe into the Ground

It takes a while.

More Pipe

The boss does his part.

Fill It With Water

Then you have to fill the pipe with water from our pre-existing well. This water will be replaced next week with a "city water and alcohol" mixture to prevent freezing and corrosion.

2nd & 3rd Wells

Then you have to do the same thing to the other two wells.

Grout Machine

Then you have to "fire up the grout machine". The grout is poured into the well to permanently seal it. It's a special grout that doesn't give off heat in the drying process. If it did, the pipes would melt ... not a good thing ;-)

Grout Pumping

The grout being pumped into the well.

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