BGE, Garage Doors, Connecting the Wells


BGE finally showed up to connect the power line to the pole. When Bob told them we needed a "net meter" they said, "What's that ? ... I'd better call my boss".

Garage Doors

The garage doors were installed on Tuesday.

More Digging

After the wells have been dug, installed, and sealed ... the guys have to connect them together and install a line into the house.

More Digging

The digging seems to never stop.

More Digging ... More Pipe

More digging ... more pipe.

INto the House

A single trench is then dug into the base of the house.

Connecting the Pipe

Here's a shot of the plumber connecting the well pipes. A special certification is requird to do this type of work. The pipes are "molded together" at a temperature near 500 degrees !!!!!

Indoor HVAC Unit

The indoor portion of the geothermal HVAC unit.

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