Steps, Stone, and Screws

Completed Front Door

Here's a shot of the drywall "completed" around the front door.


Here's a shot two hours later when we realized the drywall guy didn't finish the insulation before he applied the drywall ;-)


The stone guys are back after a week of delays (illness and a three day delay in additional stone delivery).

Garage Stone

More stone around the garage.

Steps For The Deck

Jeff and his crew are back putting the steps on the deck.

Deck Steps Complete

By mid-afternoon, the deck steps are complete.

Warning Sign

The geothermal line has been run into the house. Here's a shot of the warning sign, just in case anyone want's to dig around it anywhere.

Screw Gun

The wood flooring is being delivered tomorrow morning. It has to sit in the house for a few days prior to installation. Today, Bob has to sink over a thousand additional screws into the sub-floor to guarantee there are no squeaks or movement. Here's a shot of the machine that helps A LOT in that process.

Wood Flooring

The wood flooring has arrived.

Kentucky Fence Boards

The flooring is recycled Kentucky Thoroughbred fence boards. The boards were originally 1 by 6, but are milled down to 3/4 by 4 inches. Moocho ... moocho LEED points ;-)

Original Nail Holes

Some of the boards still have small nail holes from where they were attached to fence posts. Cool ;-)

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