Wood Floors and More

More Stone

The eastern wall of the house has been completed, including the mortar joints. Nice !!!!

Stained Front Door

The front door has been stained "Barn Red". The plastic cover protects the door until the sealant is applied.

Wood Floors

The recycled oak Kentucky Thoroughbred fence boards are being installed.

Debi and I settled on all red oak. But the supplier delivered a combination of white and red oak, which I originally preferred. It was NOT an "intentional mistake" ... really !!!!

The black/dark areas will be sanded out prior to sealing the floors.

More Wood

More wood in the Dining Room.

Energy Recovery Vent

The house is so efficiently insulated that an ERV (Energy Recovery Vent) must be installed to regulate air exchange between the inside and outside.

This shot also shows the geothermal piping being hooked up and run thru to the main unit.

More Rain

The rain continues, but it's not holding up any work (except for the exterior stone installation).

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