November 3rd - A Very Busy Day

Spending Money

I call this shot "Debi and Bob spending Tim's money". They are measuring for the fireplace mantle and custom built-in cabinets on either side of the fireplace. I snapped the picture "with a tear in me eye" ... 'cause I knew this one would bust the budget ;-)

Back to Work

If you look at the previous shot, you can see two guys standing to the left side. They were working on the fireplace stone prep before they were "rudely interrupted by Debi and Bob" ;-). Now they're back to work.

T&D Electric

Bob called BGE this morning to inquire about when the net meter was going to FINALLY be installed (they had said last week it would be "within 10 days"). Much to our suprise, and true to BGE's "Customer Service Last" policy, they had installed it alreay (in the middle of the night for all we know) ... they just didn't tell anyone.

Solar Inverter Up and Running

With the net meter installed, we "fired up" the solar inverter. Tim and Debi Electric Company (T&D Electric for short) is now in business !!!

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets have arrived. Here's a shot of most of the drawers layed out in the Dining Room.

Cooktop and Stove Area

The cooktop, oven, and microwave area.

Storage and Prep Area

The food prep and storage area.

Fride and Desk Area

The refrigerator and desk area.

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