IceStone Countertops


Last Monday the countertop guys came and measured for the sizing of the countertops. They don't use templates anymore. As you can see from this picture, it's all done with a laser attached to a computer. Thanks to Bob and Vince, the measurements were all within 1/16 of an inch of "perfectly plumb". The guy said he NEVER sees them this accurate.


It's now Monday, November 23rd, and the countertops have arrived. They are IceStone, which is made of recycled glass and a clear finish. They are "drop dead gorgeous" ;-)

Kitchen Install

A shot of part of the kitchen counter installed.


Any minor imperfections or scratches are buffed out.

Matching the Seams

The seams are filled with a colored material that is mixed onsite. It is then heated and applied to the countertop.


The kitchen ... VERY nice.



Cory's Bathroom

Cory's bathroom.

Master Bath

The Master Bathroom.

Master Bath

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