Everyone in Action


Parking was at a premium today ;-)

It was me, Bob, the electricians, the plumbers, the painter, the countertop installers, and the stone guys.


Vince came by on Saturday and built this really nice "cubby". It's in the hallway right off of the doorway into the house from the garage. It's not visible in this shot, but he even used a router to make an "edge" on each board.

Pendant Lights

The electricians are busy installing all of the lighting. Here's a shot of them installing the kitchen pendants.

Done ;-)

Water Heater

The plumbers installed the electric water heater (left). It is "fed" by the geothermal water tank pictured to the far right. The geothermal system will provide FREE hot water most of the year.


The painter (Tim) is back continuing the never ending job of priming and painting new surfaces.

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