Finishing the Floors (Second Coat) and Stuff

The Dining Room

The second coat of finish has been applied to the floors. They look fantastic (the pictures don't do them justice). It's as if they have been there for 100+ years. The guys will be back to apply the third and final coat just before we move in.

My Office

My Office.

Guest Bedroom

The Guest Bedroom.


The main areas to be walked on are now protected until the house is finished.

Door Knobs

There are dozens of small tasks that must be completed before we can move in. One is installing all of the hardware, such as door knobs and cabinet pulls. That job fell to Bob. It's no small task, since there are almost 100 knobs and handle pulls, and the cabinets did NOT come pre-drilled with the handle locations.

Master Bath

The Master Bath cabinet handles.


The Kitchen cabinet handles.


It's now Saturday, November 28th. The appliances were delivered on Wednesday and stored in the garage until the floors were completed. Here's a shot on Bob and Vince installing the oven and microwave. No cussing allowed ;-)


The oven, microwave, and range hood are now installed.


The frame of Debi's cherished Master Bath tub is nearing completion.

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