Lots of Activity ... Two Weeks to Go !!!

The Guest Bath

The last of the countertops arrived and was installed in the Guest Bath.

Cooktop Cutout

The countertop guys then proceeded to cut out the cooktop area in the kitchen.

Cooktop Cutout

Done ;-)


The cooktop was then installed. Unfortunately, we then found out that it was the wrong cooktop. This one can only be used with natural gas, and we have propane. The new cooktop won't be in until next Thursday :-(


The dishwasher has been installed.

Gutters & Downspouts

The gutters and downspouts were installed on Tuesday.


Front gutters and downspouts.


Rear gutters and downspouts.


There are two electricians "running around the house" installing all of the electrical hardware and connections. Some day I know they'll be finished ;-)

Great Room Fan

The Great Room fan.

Countertop Braces

Bob installed the countertop braces this morning.

Tile Bracing

The countertop has a curve in it, so the bracing and backing for the tile is very tricky. I'm hearing less cuss words than expected ;-)

Window Openers

More attention to detail .... all of the window hardware has been installed.

Master Bath Tub

Now that the framing has been completed, the tile guy is back to finish Debi's tub.

Washing Machine

The washing machine is being unpacked. I may need to "take a course" to figure out how to use all of the buttons !!!


The landscaping that isn't close to the house is getting done.


Mike's working as hard as he can to get the front trees in before it rains later this afternoon.

Unfortunately, it's supposed to rain HEAVILY tonight, with over an inch of precipitation forecasted. That's NOT good news for getting the landcaping, walkways, patio, and driveway finished on time :-(

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