Kitchen & Bath Tile ... Snow & Stuff

Kitchen Tile

The Kitchen tile is being installed.

Kitchen Tile Complete

Done ;-)

Kitchen Eating Area

This tile was rough to install because of the "round area".

Debi's Tub

The Master Bath tub tile is complete.


Then the snow hit :-(

Front Snow

It made a complete mess of the building site.

Picture Postcard

But the view out back just may be our Christmas card next year !!!!!!

Kitchen Moulding

The Kitchen floor moulding has been installed. How did they bend that stuff?

Just Ugly

We've pretty much accepted the fact that most of the landscaping (and maybe even the blacktop driveway) will not be finished before we move in. But we need the front porch to be done for our Use & Occupancy permit to be issued. What a MESS !!!!!

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