December 9th - One Week to Go !!!

Front Door Hardware

Here's a shot of the front door hardware.

Unfortunately, when we got done, we found out that the door was warped (slightly in at the top). Bob ordered a replacement door :-(

Master Bath Tub

The chromatherapy tub is now working in the Master Bath. Here's a shot in "purple mode" ;-)

Master Bath Faucets

The Master Bath faucets have beeen installed. They are high efficiency "California" rated.

Kitchen Faucet

The Kitchen faucet that was back ordered actually got here as well.

Where Do You Want It

Here's a shot of Chris holding up the hand shower connection for a "is this where you want it" moment. I take a photo with my Blackberry, Email it to Debi at work, and then wait for here to call us and say "OK" ... or usually "a litle to the left/right".

Technology is a wonderful thing ;-)

Dining Room Chandelier

This is just part of the Dining Room chandelier. Bob and I tried to put it together today ... and as you can see from this photo, "we didn't get very far". We decided, "Debi bought it, so Debi gets to put it together" :-)

Cooktop Arrival

The correct cooktop arrived today (with a propane conversion kit).


Done !!!

Basement Railing

The railing to the basement has been installed.

Basdement Insulation

The basement insulation has been completed.

Front Porch Light

Here's a shot of the Front Porch light. Nice !!!

Frozen Tundra

The muddy "Frozen Tundra" (a.k.a. our front lawn)

Juan at Work

But that doesn't stop Juan from getting what he needs to get done. Great job !!!!

The Guienevere

The "Guinevere" in the Master Bath ;-)

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