Monday, December 14th ... Two Days to Go

Temporary Driveway

The driveway guys called on Saturday and suggested that we at least put the "base layer" on the driveway. It is 100% recycled asphalt that will give us a stable area until Spring. Thanks !!!!

Temporary Driveway

HI Debi ;-)

Shower Rod

Bob got the Guest Bath shower rod installed.

Hand Shower

Bob also installed the Master Bath hand shower. The plumbers "wouldn't go near it".


The garage has been cleaned out and powerwashed.

Outside !!!!

But outside is still a HUGE mess. We need the front steps and at least the base crushed stone of the walkway in place to get our Use and Occupancy permit TOMORROW !!!!

Digging In

So the guys (Keith, Juan, and Hector) "dive in" and do the best they can.

Downspout Trenches

The downspouts are trenched and lined with stone and landscaping mesh to keep the runoff on the property.

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