Moving Day !!!!!!


One would think that on Moving Day, Tim would remember to take a picture of the truck. One would be wrong ;-)

But here's a shot of Coco shortly after the move. As you can see, she REALLY likes the new house.

Testing the Vents

But the work goes on !!!!

Our HVAC contractor (John Love) is back retesting ALL of the vent flows with one of our LEED certifiers.

Deck Railing

The Krug family did a great job getting our deck railing finished WAY before the original timeframe.


Putting the pieces together.

Deck Railing

The finished product. Another great job.

Front Walk

Since it finally stopped raining, the guys are trying to get the front walkway completed before a snowstorm is supposed to hit this weekend.

Front Walk

Front Walk

Front Walk

Bob and Me

Bob offered his assistance in getting the Dining Room chandalier installed.


Use your head Tim (when your arms get tired).

Fish Tank

Bob and I also get the fish tank installed in the Great Room built-in. Thanks !!!!

Holly Tree

And just in time for Christmas ... Mike found the perfect Holly Tree ... and planted it right out front.

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