The Last Day (for a while)

Front Pavers

The guys are working as hard as they can to get the front pavers finished before the expected snowstorm tonight.

Front Pavers

Just beautiful work.

Front Pavers

Done !!!

Basement Walk-out

They also got the pavers down for the basement walk-out, but couldn't get the grouting completed.


Mike got all of the shrubs planted on the front east side of the house.

Trees Mulched

... and the trees out front mulched.

Trees Mulched


And then the snow came ... and as everyone in Baltimore can attest ... it REALLY came down !!!!!

We received between 18 and 20 inches thru Sunday morning.

What Sidewalk?

That beautiful front sidewalk is under there somewhere.

Randy Comes Thru

But there's a benefit to living in the country ... all of our neighbors are very nice and actually talk to us ;-)

Randy, out next door neighbor, plowed out our driveway TWICE during the storm.

What Solar Panels?

Our solar panels are under there somewhere. "TandD Electric" will be "down" for a while :-(

Deck Avalanche

The deck had several "avalanches" as the snow came off of the solar panels (at least at the beginning of the storm).

I had to shovel it THREE times.

A Lot of Snow

As you can see ... it was a LOT of snow.

Barn in Front

But it is beautiful.

This is a shot of the barn directly in front of our house.

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