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The key to buying "green" appliances are two words ... Energy Star. Look for the Energy Star label on any refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave oven, and accessory appliances you plan to buy. The Energy Star label insures that your appliance is specifically engineered to use less energy than a "standard" appliance. These appliances will be sligltly more expensive up front, but the evergy savings they provide will cost you far less in the long run. Most applicances also prominantly display an estimated energy cost per year. Choose the lowest estimated annual energy cost you can afford.

A Note About Dryers

Clothes dryers are not rated by Energy Star. However, you should know that gas dryers (natural gas and propane) are nearly four times more energy efficient than conventonal electric dryers. For that reason, we recommend purchasing and installing a gas dryer whenever possible. When combined with a gas fireplace and cooktop (a preferance of most homeowners), a 250 gallon tank of propane should last over two years with normal use.

A Note About High Effiency Front Loading Washers

While we do recommend high efficiency front loading washing machines, you should be aware that some brands tend to "walk or vibrate" during the spin cycle. This issue is made worse by purchasing the bottom pedestal and not filling it with heavy storage materials. The empty pedestal is then very light, causing the washer to be "top heavy" and making the vibration and movement even worse. The pedestals can also be quite expensive (over $150). We recommend having a contractor build a structurally sound 18 or 20 inch high cabinet to place both your washer and dryer on. This will significantly reduce your chances of vibration and movement. If the problem persists, vibration deadening pads can be purchased online for under $25.

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