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Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are a necessity to any home, so there’s no need to further elaborate upon their importance in your project other than the fact that we can’t stress enough how much they need to be of a high quality and durability. Windows and doors can also add character to a home, in addition to performing their “functional duties”. Whether you are building Colonial style, Craftsman, Contemporary, Victorian, or any other custom design, there are windows and doors consistent with the architecture that will enhance the charm and beauty of your home. Having said that, your windows and doors must also keep the outside air and elements outside when closed, let in light while at the same time filtering UV rays, be energy efficient, low maintenance, have longetivity, and offer a good warranty.

Our preferred windows are wood, ones with an exterior cladding that will maintain a finish and protect the window from the elements for many years. The interior of a wood window offers both flexibility and durability. Anderson Windows offers both features mentioned and are an excellent choice. One word about Anderson, we’ve built well over 100 homes and have installed thousands of windows. We can honestly say that during this time we can’t remember a performance complaint concerning an Anderson window or door. That makes it easy for any builder to recommend them, let alone the vast selection of product Anderson offers.

Others manufacturers we’ve used have also been trouble free. Marvin also makes a wonderful window and door and has become somewhat more competitive in price in recent years (where in the past Marvin seemed to always be a little more expensive). You wouldn’t make a mistake performance wise with either, it’s just be a matter of personal preference. Almost all manufacturers today offer variety of levels of glazing performance which can all be found on their respective websites. Windows are rated in what is known as a “U factor”. The U factor is very similar to an R value rating given in other areas of a home’s building envelope (such as insulation). It represents the rate of heat loss from the window unit. The lower the U factor of a window, the greater its resistance to heat flow and the higher its insulating properties and performance will be. High performance windows can have a U factor of 30 or lower. The R value of a window unit can be found by dividing the U value of a window by 1. An Anderson 400 series E4 window with a U factor of .27 would have an R value of 3.703 (1/.27 = 3.703).

One of the most significant factors that affect the performance of a window or door is how it is installed. Whether you have decided to purchase an inexpensive vinyl window or a $1,000+ Marvin Ultimate window, if the unit is improperly installed, you can pretty much forget the performance rating. Explicit instructions from the manufacturer come with every window and they are meant to be strictly followed. Items such as shim detail, nailing order, and flashing technique should be followed per the manufacturer’s instructions for maximum performance. If you remember nothing else, remember these three words … “Level, Plumb, and Square”. They are the gospel for installation of all windows and doors. A good energy efficient window properly installed should provide decades of trouble free service to you as the homeowner.

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