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Proper landscaping is critical to any green building project, whether building new or renovating an existing space. The good news is that, by observing three simple rules, it is quite easy to "landscape green". First, always plant grass, shrubs, and flowering plants that are drought tolerant. Second, only plant species that are native to your region. Third, never plant, and remove wherever found, species that are deemed to be invasive and a threat to you local environment.

Drought Tolerant

Planting drought tolerant grasses and plants can save up to 20% on your watering needs. That may not sound like much, but if everyone would follow this simply rule, the overall demand for potable water in your community could be greatly reduced. There have been several droughts in the mid-Atlantic region over the past two decades, and more are sure to come. In many cases, communities were forced to implement strict water use rules and regulations. In most cases, outdoor watering was forbidden. Our experience with native drought tolerant species has been excellent. Even during dry spells, the plants and flowers usually remain healthy with little watering.

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Native Species

Nothing can make your gardens more beautiful than utilizing native species to the Maryland region. Your garden will become the focal point and conversation piece during family gatherings and outdoor events. And with hundreds of species to choose from, planting "all native" is easy and fun.

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Invasive Species

Nothing can be more dangerous to the local ecosystem in the long run than planting invasive non-local plants, shrubs, bushes, and trees. Sadly, most homeowners do this unknowingly. No one wants to intentionally cause harm to their local environment. But the reality is that many nurseries, especially national chains, sell invasive products. Our advice is simple and straightforward ... "check before you buy". We recommend that you purchase your products from reputable local nurseries. Most locally owned nurseries have staff available that can assist you in planning your gardening project utilizing only local products. If you purchase from a national chain, make sure you take a list of local species with you and "check the list before you buy".

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