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Going Green

Building a LEED Platinum Home

The Step by Step Process

The Property "Before the Build"

The Plan

May 10th ... Building Permit Issued - Site Survey Complete

May 18th ... The Digging Begins

May 19th ... Digging Complete - Footers Going In

May 22nd ... The Concrete Walls Go Up

May 27th ... The Walls are Sealed and Backfilled

June 1st ... Where's Bob ?!?!?

June 3rd ... Basement Plumbing Rough In

June 15th ... Steel Supports & Concrete Slab Preping

June 17th ... Ready to Pour & "My New Hat"

June 22nd ... Finally ... The Pour Is Done

June 25th ... The Framing Begins (Almost)

June 26th ... The Framing Begins (Really)

Week of June 29th ... Framing (Week One)

Week of July 6th ... Framing (Week Two)

Week of July 13th ... Framing (Week Three)

Week of July 20th ... Roofing

July 27 - 28 ... Windows & Doors

July 29th ... Plumbing & HVAC Rough-ins

August 5th ... Fireplace Framing & Electrical Rough-in

Week of August 17th ... Front Porch & Deck Framing

August 24th ... Solar Panels !!!!!

August 25th ... Insulation (Sprayed Cellulose)

August 26th ... Fireplace Installation & Stone Prep

August 27th ... Insulation (Blown In)

August 28th ... LEED Pre-Drywall Inspection & Stone

Week of August 31th ... Inspection Follow-up & Stuff

September 5th ... Drywall

Week of September 8th ... Exterior Siding & Stuff

Week of September 14th ... Interior Trim & Stuff

Week of September 21st ... More Trim & New John Deere

September 30th ... BGE "On the Job" & Stuff

October 1st ... Front Door and Deck

October 5th & 6th ... Deck, Painters, Stone

Wednesday, October 7th ... A Very Busy Day

October 8th & 9th... Front Cedar & More Wells

Finishing the Wells

BGE, Garage Doors, Connecting the Wells

Week of October 19th ... Steps, Stone, and Screws

Week of October 26th ... Wood Floors and More

November 1st ... Floors, Geothermal, ERV, and Stone

November 3rd ... A very successful day

Week of November 9th ... Tile, vanities, etc.

November 16th ... Regrading the Property

November 18th ... Crunch Time ... Lots of Action

Finishing the Stone Fireplace

Ice Stone Countertops Installed

November 23rd ... "All Hands on Deck"

Sanding and Finishing the Floors (First Coat)

Finishing the Floors (Second Coat) and Stuff

Lots of Activity ... Two Weeks to Go !!!

Kitchen & Bath Tile ... Snow & Stuff

"Anatomy of a Mantle & Built-ins"

December 9th ... One Week to Go !!!

"Anatomy of a Fireplace" - The Conclusion

Monday, December 14th ... Two Days to Go

Tuesday, December 15th ... "One Last Thing"

"All Cleaned Up"

Wednesday, December 16th ... MOVING DAY !!!!!

Friday, December 18th ... "The Last Day" (for a while)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Finally, it' Spring. The driveway gets installed.

Final Grading of the Property

Landscaping & Mulch

The Plan vs. The Finished Product

Thank You ... Thank You ... Thank You

June 26th ... Sealing the HVAC Ducts

Our new home will be built as "green" as possible, using the USGBC's (United States Green Building Council) strict guidelines. To measure our success, we will be using USGBC's LEED for Homes certification process. Under the guidelines a new home can attain Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum status. We are currently trying to obtain Platinum certification.